Divorce Decree

Family Law/Collaborative Divorce

Family law is an aspect of the legal profession that is, for obvious reasons, intensely personal. Clients involved in family law disputes need both personal and professional support through times that are highly emotional, but require calm and reasoned decision-making. The public, divorce attorneys, and families in divorce have become increasingly dissatisfied with the limited alternatives available for resolving the custody, placement, and financial issues present in a divorce. Collaborative divorce provides a civil, open process for achieving a fair and creative result with the least damage to family relationships. Collaborative divorce addresses the need for peaceful resolution of custody, placement, and financial issues, through an out-of-court, problem-solving approach.

Utilizing collaborative divorce in a family law action involves a commitment to settling matters without resort to litigation or threats of litigation. The divorce lawyers chosen by the parties are retained to help them reach a settlement and act more as advisors than as lead negotiators or litigators. The object is for clients to keep control of the process with the lawyers present as resources. If there is no settlement, then the parties must retain different lawyers to handle the litigation. For further information about this revolutionary way of handling divorce and family disputes, please contact me today.

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